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How big is the flight area ?
Flights take place within an area that ranges up to 25 square kilometers. The range is wide, as the speed and direction of the balloon is dependent on the wind.
How do we feel during the flight ?
As the flight takes place only when the weather conditions are suitable, the basket remains motionless during the flight. After take-off you will not feel disturbed or unconfortable in any way. The feeling can be slightly compared to the feeling you get while in the elevator.We are sure it will be one of the pleasent memories you will be delighted to share with your friends.
How high do the balloons fly ?
 Pilots pick the best height depending on weather conditions. The limit set by the Civil Aviation Authority is 6000 feet during weekdays and 8000 feet at the weekend.
How is a balloon steered ?
The pilots utilize different wind layers by changing the balloon's height –this would be the basic method of steering a balloon. Pilots change height by changing the heat of the air inside the envelope.But generally speaking a balloon is directed by the wind. The direction a balloon takes is not defined in a two-dimensional route, but in a three-dimensional space.
How is the balloon inflated ?
First the crew attaches the balloons  to the basket and burner. Second step would be laying the baloon down on the ground after which the crew begins inflating it with a powerful fan, until it reaches a certain level. Then the pilot starts the burner to heat the air.With the air inside the envelope getting warmer, the balloon becomes upright. After all this steps fullfilled the baloon is ready for lift-off.
How long does a flight lasts ?
Generally a flight lasts one hour. It can also depand on the package you have chosen and the time specified within the package. However weather conditions can sometimes influence the flight lenght.
How long does the balloon flight last ?
Standard and Special Package flight last for 1 hour, while Deluxe Package flight lasts 90min. If we take into calculation the moment we pick you up, until we take you back to your hotel it is between 3-4 hours you have to dedicate to this special experience. Within the Special Baloon Tour you are the one deciding the duration of the flight therefore the total time spent might change accordingly.
How to cancel a reservation ?
If you decide to cancel your flight up to 1 week prior to the flight day, no cancelation fee will be applied.  However, all cancelations made in less than 1 week to the flight day will cause a 20% penalty (80% of the paid amount will be reimbursed to you), while 48 hours to the flight day will cause 30% penalty charge on your credit card (70% of the paid amount will be reimbursed to you).
Is it cold in the balloon ?
The heat coming from the burner keeps guests pretty warm. Besides that the amplitude the balloon flies at is not at the level that will imply the change in the climate.(As we previously mentioned the hight limit set by the Civil Aviation Authority is 6000 feet during weekdays and 8000 feet at the weekend). Therefore an extra peace of garmet would be enough to keep you worm.
What are the balloons made of ?
Balloons are produced of durable nylon. Baskets are produced from cane.
What if I have vertigo ?
According to our years of experience; even guests with vertigo felt comfortable and experienced no anxiety during the whole flight. As we already mentioned the basket is motionless, therefore no disconfort is present.
What if the flight is cancelled due to the weather conditions ?
Every flight is absolutely dependent on the weather conditions. The decision about the  suitability of the meteorological conditions for the flight is made solely by the Civil Aviatiion General Directorate. In other words without the authorisation we are not able to fly. Therefore in case of cancelation due to the weather conditions we would be able to reschedule your flight or reimburse the entire sum.
What is the balloon capacity ?
There are balloons of different sizes. In our possesion we have 4, 10, 12, 15 and 20 person balloons.
What should we bring along with us ?
During the spring or winter it might be colder up in the air therefore we advise you to take an extra garmet (jacket, pullover).Taking a camera is always a good idea as well as sunglasses and a hat.
When do we fly ?
Morning hours are the most prefered due to the most convenient meteorological conditions necessary for the flight. But of course within our wide range of offers you can find custom made packages that give you an option of choosing the time, place and the lenght of your flight.
Who can attend the flight ?
Anyone who wants to fly, can travel with a balloon. Regarding the children, we advise that a child under the hight level of tha basket should not fly. Due to the minimum duration of the flight being 1 hour, the children under 6 years tend to get bored , therefore we advice the age limit for he children to be above 6 years.
Who cannot attend the flight ?
- Persons with severe pain around the middle parts of their body - Persons who had a recent operation - Persons with fragile bones- Persons who require a stick to walk - Persons with mental illnesses - Persons with broken bones Note: In case you have any hessitation regarding your health, we kindly ask you to contact your doctor